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(Czech: Hrobka Slavín)

At the Vyšehrad cemetery’s eastern end, you’ll find the monumental tomb Slavín, where the nation’s most famous personages are laid to rest. Slavín motto: “Though dead, they still speak.

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The idea of building a mass tomb came from the Svatobor association in 1862, and it was headed by František Palacký.

Slavín was built in 1889 - 1893 according to a project of architect Antonín Wiehl. Sculptural decorations are the work of Josef Mauder from 1892 - 1903: there is a sarcophagus above the central monument of Slavín, and an allegoric winged figure of the Genius Patriae. 

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Vyšehrad, Slavín, Prague

Suggested Duration: one hour trip

Getting there
Smíchovské nádraží (Prague Metro LINE B) 512 m
Vyšehrad (Prague Metro LINE C) 544 m
Public Toilets nearby: 81 m
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