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The neoclassical Salm Palace (Salmovsky Palace) at Hradčanské Square was built between the years of 1800–1810 as a luxury aristocratic residence for Archbishop Florentin Salm-Salm. 

Later it was joint with the adjacent Schwarzenberg Palace (therefore often called The Little Schwarzenberg) and served (until 1945) as the Prague residence of the Schwarzenbergs family.

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  • Salm Palace
  • Salm Palace
  • Salm Place (in the front) with the adjacent Schwarzenberg Palace at Hradčanské Square
  • Salm Palace
  • Salm Palace

Now, The Salm Palace by architect František Pavíček, is an exhibition venue of the National Gallery Prague

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Hradčany, Hradčanské Square - Salm Palace, Prague

Suggested Duration: 1-2 hours

Getting there
Malostranská (Prague Metro LINE A) 521 m
Hradčanská (Prague Metro LINE A) 644 m
Public Toilets nearby: 132 m
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