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Petřín Lookout Tower

(Czech: Petřínská rozhledna)

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The Petřín Lookout Tower (Czech: Petřínská rozhledna) is a steel-framework tower 63.5 metres (208 ft) tall on Petřín Hill in Prague, built in 1891. It resembles the Eiffel Tower and was used as an observation tower as well as a transmission tower.

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  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Petřín Lookout Tower
  • Petřín Lookout Tower

The Petřín Lookout Tower is an iconic landmark in Prague, Czech Republic. Standing at 63.5 meters tall, this steel tower offers breathtaking views of the city and its surroundings.

Located on top of Petřín Hill, visitors can climb the 299 steps or take a funicular to reach the tower's observation deck. The tower, inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, was built in 1891 for the Jubilee Exhibition and has since become one of Prague's most popular attractions.

Whether you're admiring the panoramic views or exploring the nearby gardens, the Petřín Lookout Tower is a must-see destination for any Prague visitor.

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Lesser Town, Petrinske sady 633, Prague

Suggested Duration: 1-2 hours

Getting there
Malostranská (Prague Metro LINE A) 809 m
Anděl (Prague Metro LINE B) 952 m
Public Toilets nearby: 7 m
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