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Hanging man by David Černý

(Czech: Viselec)

The statue of Hanging man (statue of suspended Sigmund Freud) by famous Czech sculptor David Černý whose art is a little bizarre. Make sure to look up when walking around the streets of Prague!

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  • Hanging man by David Černý
  • Hanging man by David Černý

The Hanging Man is a symbol of David Černý's unique artistic vision, with its striking design and unconventional materials. Visitors can admire the sculpture's intricate details and explore its fascinating symbolism, including its reference to the Communist past of the Czech Republic.

Video: 9 Bizzare sculptures by David Cerny @The Czech Experience by Haiko
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Old Town, Na Perštýně 17, Prague

Getting there
Můstek (Prague Metro LINE A,B) 254 m
Staroměstská (Prague Metro LINE A) 324 m
Public Toilets nearby: 90 m
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