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The Spire Gate

(Czech: Brána Špička (infocentrum))

The area of present day information center and a part of the adjacent passage is all that has remained of the monumental Gothic gate known as Špička (Spire).

It was built around 1350 during the reign of Charles IV. as part of the new fortification of Vyšehrad and became its prominent feature.

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  • The Spire Gate
  • The Spire Gate
  • The Spire Gate

 Three-storey gate had a form of passable fortress with a gallery and nine spires that gave it its name. It has been demolished in the eighteen eighties to make place for wider road.

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Vyšehrad, The Spire, Prague

Getting there
Vyšehrad (Prague Metro LINE C) 343 m
Smíchovské nádraží (Prague Metro LINE B) 623 m
Public Toilets nearby: 167 m
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